VR headsets will soon become a commonplace, with live and on-demand immersive experiences poised to become mainstream for sporting events, concerts, cinematic productions, education, tourism, and more.

SensoriumVR specializes in the capture, distribution, and monetization of live and on-demand immersive experiences, to vr-enabled devices.

SensoriumVR has created a truly professional production and delivery system that allows content owners and rights holders in the sports and entertainment industries to place a new audience in the most privileged vantage point possible, in a way conventional footage simply cannot.


Our proprietary 180° stereoscopic cameras use state-of-the-art machine vision sensors and the latest graphics processors, resulting in a small form-factor camera with greater resolution, frame-rate, and video quality than other professional solutions.

The cameras are designed to invite performer interaction and configured to provide a comfortable viewing experience, even when the subject is in close proximity – the closer the better!

Our proprietary format mimics the characteristics of human visual perception, creating a comfortable, truly immersive experience – you are convinced the action is happening right in front of you!


Our system allows multiple camera feeds to be edited and live-streamed to viewers. The optimized live-stream occupies typical 4K bandwidth, so is reliably supported by current infrastructure.

The camera feeds are simultaneously recorded as high quality individual files that can be post-produced and delivered to a library as short form content. A crew of two can transport, setup, and control the entire system.

This reduces the cost of capturing immersive content to a level far below other methods (VR & traditional) and enables satellite crews to efficiently travel to any location on the planet.

SensoriumVR has created a range of VR distribution applications that are compatible with all major VR platforms. Each application supports live-streaming and content libraries and can be customized to meet our partners specific requirements.

Interested in learning more or integrating our system into your existing or future productions?